Getting Started-Part 5: Adding WordPress to Your Site


Now it’s time to add WordPress to your site and if you have cpanel, it’s pretty easy. Most cpanels have Fantastico which makes it so simple to install wordpress you can do it in just a few minutes.

Note: Click on the images to make them larger.

Step 1: Go to your cpanel and look for the smiley face. It’s towards the bottom under the Software/Services section. Click on it.


Step 2: Click on the WordPress button to the left.


Step 3: Click where it says “New Installation”.


Step 4: Now it’s time to fill in the spaces.

  1. Make sure your domain is in this space.
  2. Leave this space blank.
  3. Put in your admin name (don’t use Admin).
  4. Make up a password.
  5. Put in your Admin nickname. I just use the same one as my username.
  6. Put in your email address. You can use the new one for your site but I just use my personal email.
  7. Put in your site name.
  8. Put in a short description.
  9. Click the “Install WordPress” button.



Step 5: Click the “Finish Installation” button.



Step 6: Fill in your email for wordpress to send you a copy of the email of the details.  Click the “Send E-mail” button. Save this email when you get it.

Hey Congratulations! You have installed wordpress!


Step 7: You will get an email from “unknown sender” but the subject line will say “wordpress installation”. If you don’t get it within a few minutes, check your spam folder. I think sometimes that “unknown sender” triggers the spam filters.

Your letter will look like the one below (I whited out my password details). Click on where it says “wp-admin” after your site address.


Step 8: You will come in to your login screen. Fill in your user name and password (it will be in your email if you forgot it) and click the “remember me” button.

Click the blue Log In button. This will bring you to your dashboard. We will go more into the dashboard and some of the settings in the next post.

Hope this helped you! Leave a comment or question!

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Article by Cathy Ratcliffe