Get Hosting for Your Domain Name

Getting Started-Part 3  Get Your Hosting Account and Put Your Domain Name On It

I’m assuming that you have your domain name bought and paid for and are ready to set it up on your domain name, right?

I’m going to show you how to put your domain name on your hosting site and get your site up.

I’m using and (affiliate link) to do this. If you use different companies, the exact process may be a little different but it’s basically the same.

After you bought your domain name, you should have received an email from them saying the order was finished. I save this in a folder for all the stuff pertaining to this particular site. That way I can easily find it later if needed.

Now click here to go to Hostgator (affiliate link but no extra cost to you) and you should come to a screen with 3 plans:

  • Hatchling:The cheapest plan at about $4 a month but it only allows for 1 site.
  • Baby: This is the most popular plan and the one I recommend for people just starting out if you think you may want more than 1 site. It’s under $7 a month/
  • Business: This is really relevant to you at this point. It offers a separate IP address and a toll free number.

Pick the plan you want and hit the “order now” button. It will take you to the Step 1 page where you will enter the domain name you just bought to the right and then continue on to Step 2.

Pick the billing cycle. You can pay monthly, every 6 months, yearly and every 2 and 3 years. The more months you pay for up front, the cheaper it will be.

Choose your username and security pin and fill out the billing details. There will be some add-ons that are pre-checked so un-check them unless you want to add them.

After everything is paid for, you should also get a welcome email from hostgator. Don’t delete this. Save this in your blog file because you will need it.

Your welcome email will have your log in info and name servers listed in it. You can also find the name servers in your cpanel towards the bottom left hand side. There should be 2 of them.  and will look something like and They won’t be exactly like these but similar. You will need to copy and paste them in a minute so keep the email or cpanel open.

You can always get to your cpanel by typing in your domain name in your browser and then putting /cpanel at the end. It should look like

Go back to where you bought your domain name from and log in.

In Name Cheap, click on your domain name and there will be a line of text that says “transfer DNS to web host” over to the left. click on that. It will bring a page up that has a list of blank spaces. Copy and paste  your name servers and put one on each line and click “save changes”.

In Dynadot, click on the check mark by your domain name and click the box in the upper left hand corner that says “set name servers”. On the page it brings you to, click on the grey box  above the domain on the left side that says “Name Servers”,  paste them in the boxes and click “select Name Servers”.

I remember all this being so confusing to me the first time I did it but it really is pretty easy.

Now if you type your domain in your web address in your browser, you should get a white screen and a few words saying “Index of”.It will look like this:

index of

If you don’t see that, don’t panic. Sometimes it takes up to 48 hours for the DNS servers to transfer the name over to Hostgator. Usually it’s either immediately or 15-45 minutes later.

*Note* Sometimes you won’t get the Index page. When working on my latest domain I kept getting this page:

not found page


But when I went to cpanel and tried to add on the domain name to the ad-ons, it worked. So if it seems like a long time for it transfer, it may have already transferred to your hosting account anyway. Since this is your first domain, you won’t need to add it to your ad-ons in cpanel.

Once your name servers are transferred, it’s time to add your new email address. We will do that tomorrow.

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Article by Cathy Ratcliffe

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  1. Never heard of Dynadot, Cathy. I will have to check them out. Thanks for the info!

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